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The Life and Highlights of OJ Simpson: A Journey Through Fame, Triumph, and Controversy

Orenthal James Simpson, a name that evokes a wide range of emotions and memories, stands out as one of the most iconic figures in American sports and pop culture history. His journey from the heights of athletic stardom to the depths of legal battles is a tale of talent, triumph, and tragedy. This article aims to explore the life highlights of O.J. Simpson, providing readers with a glimpse into his complex life's story.


EUROs Unsung Heroes

From Alonso to Zidane, Allofs to Zoff, some of the biggest names have shone in the European Championships’ 64 years, but what of the lesser-heralded players, managers, fans and administrators? The Game Magazine columnist Andy Murray runs down some of the unsung heroes whose stories last the ages.

EURO 2024: Echoes of Summer ’06 in Germany

EURO 2024: Echoes of Summer ’06 in Germany

Hot summer days, public viewings in the sun and ice-cold beverages in the vibrant city centers. When Germany last hosted a football tournament, the FIFA World Cup 2006, it was titled a summer fairytale, or Sommermärchen, by the Germans, because of the unique atmosphere around the country. Now it's their turn again to host the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024. A nostalgic recollection of childhood memories by our German writer Johannes Häring.