SERIES: Formula 1: The Archives

Formula 1 has never been just about motorsport — with all its contradictory elements granting F1 its enchantment. This month, we look behind the scenes of F1 photography, and dive deep into the sports nostalgic archives with a peak into the future of motorsport.

Schumacher: Then and Now.

Schumacher: Then and Now.

Like father, like son, they say. Michael and Mick Schumacher have stolen the hearts of motorsport fans as Mick follows his father’s footsteps making his way up in Formula 1. This is Schumacher, then and now.

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The Formula 1 Wives – IMAGO Archive.

It cannot be easy to fall in love with a thrill-seeking, risk-craving, speed-addicted world-famous Formula 1 driver who might not make it to the next Grand Prix. As part of our Formula 1 series, IMAGO is celebrating the Formula 1 wives who stuck through it all.