Dissecting the notion of the icon, the weight of elevated status and the dichotomies intrinsic to being iconic, discover our latest series, ICONS. Dissecting the power of icon culture within the worlds of sport, culture and entertainment we examine the moments and movements that defined eras.

imago/Rolf Zöllner

Fall of the Berlin Wall: An Interview with Rolf Zöllner.

East Berliner and photographer, Rolf Zöllner showcases his stunning black and white film photography in an interview covering life in Berlin during the height of its culture. Experience the fall of the wall through his lens and immerse in the iconic movement and moment of the unification of our ace city.

imago images/ZUMA Wire

BLM. Brixton. Same fight, decades apart.

Over a year has passed since reports of George Floyd’s death resurfaced outrage, erupting in a new wave of the Black Lives Matter movement sending ripples throughout the United States and further. 40 years ago, London’s Brixton riots fought a similar battle against police brutality and direct segregation.

imago images/Contrast

Osaka and Williams shifting mental health in sports: impressions from photographers .

Examining the tennis icon, Serena Williams, in a new light and through the lens of the everchanging sporting mentality in recent events, Sofia Bergmann dissects the new layers in which Serena is to be considered iconic. Alongside a new generation of athletes including Naomi Osaka, sports culture is evolving and todays icons are not just based on matches won.

imago images/ZUMA Wire

An Interview with Marie Le Blé, a photojournalist documenting the Black Lives Matter movement throughout 2020 and 2021.

Documenting the momentous power of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands on the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, Marie Le Blé gives us a window into the protests from a photojournalist and delves into her personal experiences, including the individuals she met and that shaped her experience.