EURO 2024: 10 Iconic Kits of the European Championship

EURO 2024: 10 Iconic Kits of the European Championship

An international tournament presents national teams with an opportunity to take the field in special strips. With the EURO 2024 approaching, The Game Magazine took a trip down memory lane to look at some of the iconic kits and classics of past tournaments.

The UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as Euros, is not only a tournament to showcase the best football in Europe but also iconic kits, which are often remembered in moments of pride and triumph or become poignant memories of what could have been. Here are the ten most iconic kits in EURO history.

Iconic Kits, France: EURO 1984 in Belgium

EURO 2024: 10 Iconic Kits of the European Championship
IMAGO / Frinke | Michel Platini, France, EURO 1984

The EURO 1984 in Belgium marks a significant milestone, as it was the beginning of sports jerseys being used as fashion pieces. Michel Platini famously modeled the newly released France kit ahead of the tournament. 40 years later, that exact jersey is a desire for collectors and retro lovers.

Iconic Kits, Belgium: EURO 1984

EURO 2024: 10 Iconic Kits of the European Championship
IMAGO / Kicker/Liedel | Ludo Coeck, Belgium, EURO 1984

Belgium is notorious for not making bad kits. In 1984, they took the field in one of their most iconic ones. The results during that summer were not as successful, but the kit remains a classic to this day and one of the iconic kits.

Iconic Kits, The Netherlands: EURO 1988 in West Germany

imago/Laci Perenyi
IMAGO / Laci Perenyi | Ruud Gullit, The Netherlands, EURO 1988

Four years later, the Netherlands presented probably the most iconic kit in EURO history. The winners of EURO ’88 were led by a player who was as iconic as the kit he wore in that tournament. Ruud Gullit’s number 10 jersey from 1988 is often referred to as the holy grail for collectors.

Iconic Kits, West Germany: EURO 1988

imago images/Buzzi
IMAGO / Buzzi | Andreas Brehme, West Germany, EURO 1988

West Germany’s creative implementation of its national colors in 1988 made it also a contender for kit of the tournament that summer. But the hosts lost the fashion contest, as well as the semifinal, against the Netherlands.

Iconic Kits, USSR: EURO 1988

imago images/Buzzi
IMAGO / Buzzi | Aleksey Mikhaylichenko, USSR, EURO 1988

Making the country’s identity as visible as possible on their kits is often a desire for most fans. Well, the Soviet Union took it quite literally in 1988 and stated their initials boldly across the chest. The color-fading patterns complete this kit, which is a fan favorite in the eastern parts of Europe to this day.

Denmark, EURO 1992 in Sweden

EURO 2024: 10 Iconic Kits of the European Championship
L: IMAGO / HJS | Brian Laudrup | R: IMAGO / Buzzi | Peter Schmeichel, Denmark, EURO 1992

In 1992, Danish Dynamite conquered Europe by storm. Their jerseys, crafted by a Danish manufacturer, became iconic and featured a goalkeeper strip as wild as their triumph in the final against Germany.

Iconic Kits, Sweden: EURO 1992

IMAGO / Buzzi | Tomas Brolin, Sweden, EURO 1992

Sweden’s 1992 attire at their home tournament is a classic of 90s jersey culture. The manufacturer’s attempt to show off their brand’s iconic identity is well worked into this classic, which was worn by a young Tomas Brolin.

Iconic Kits, England: EURO 1996 in England

imago images/Buzzi
IMAGO / Buzzi | Alan Shearer, England, EURO 1996

Gascoigne, Shearer, Neville, Fowler, Sheringham—legendary players wore England’s shirt for their home tournament. The only problem is that it remains iconic for being worn by one of the most disappointing national teams in English history, which exited the tournament against arch-rivals Germany in the semifinals.

Iconic Kits, Croatia: EURO 1996

EURO 2024: 10 Iconic Kits of the European Championship
IMAGO / Alternate | Davor Šuker, Croatia, EURO 1996

Famous for its red and white checkerboard shirts, Croatia’s best one is their 1996 offering. Worn by the golden generation around Davor Šuker and Zvonimir Boban, this piece is as legendary as their wearers.

Iconic Kits, Italy: EURO 2000 in the Netherlands and Belgium

IMAGO / BSR Agency / Pics United / Bob van den Cruijsem | Francesco Totti, Italy, EURO 2000

Italy’s Kombat kit at the EURO 2000 is a testament to simplicity. After years of eccentric and extraordinary kit concepts, this jersey featured barely any detailing. Tight fit, long sleeves and a high neckline were the standout features in a design that remained a foundation for years after its release.

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Words and Photo Selection by Johannes Häring.

The credit of the cover photo: IMAGO / Colorsport