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EURO 2024: Echoes of Summer ’06 in Germany

EURO 2024: Echoes of Summer ’06 in Germany

Hot summer days, public viewings in the sun and ice-cold beverages in the vibrant city centers. When Germany last hosted a football tournament, the FIFA World Cup 2006, it was titled a summer fairytale, or Sommermärchen, by the Germans, because of the unique atmosphere around the country. Now it's their turn again to host the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024. A nostalgic recollection of childhood memories by our German writer Johannes Häring.

IMAGO / Domenic Aquilina

Domenic Aquilina on Malta – The emerging football haven.

Domenic Aquilina won international awards for his photo of Lionel Messi’s overhead kick during a Champions League match in 2019. With decades of experience, 14 Champions League finals under his belt, and some quality time with the best-of-the-best, he now focuses on the overlooked gems in European football.