Photos of the Month by The Game, July 2023

Photos of the Month by The Game, July 2023

The most outstanding photos of July 2023 have been handpicked from millions of images we received this month at IMAGO. Our editors diligently selected the most noteworthy photos spanning sporting and non-sporting subjects.

The Best Entertainment Photo of the Month

IMAGO/Gonzales Photo
IMAGO / Gonzales Photo / Lasse Lagoni | The American singer Caroline Polachek performs a live concert during the Danish music festival Roskilde Festival 2023. July 01, 2023, Roskilde, Denmark.

The photo captured by Lasse Lagoni of Gonzales Photo has been chosen as the best photo of the month in the entertainment category. Lagoni snagged a perfect shot of singer Caroline Polachek during a live concert at the 2023 Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

The Best News Photo of the Month

Photos of the Month by The Game, July 2023
IMAGO / CTK Photo / Pavel Nemecek | Beaches in a fire-hit area near Asklipio (Asklepieion) on the Greek island of Rhodes. July 28, 2023, Greece.

The image of a woman carrying a tube boat after a swim, with charred trees in the background following a fire on the island, creates a poignant juxtaposition that highlights the stark reality of our current environmental predicament. This photo was taken by Pavel Nemecek from CTK Photo on Rhodes Island after a recent fire in Greece.

The Best Sports Photo of the Month

IMAGO / Bildbyran / Joel Marklund | Lucas Matzerath of Germany competes in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke swimming semifinal in the World Aquatics Championships 2023. July 23, 2023, Fukuoka, Japan.

Joel Marklund of Bildbyran captured an excellent photo from the World Aquatics Championships that draws the viewer’s attention to the artistry of photography. The shot was perfectly timed during the competition, and the photographer masterfully captured the athlete in a spectacular underwater shot.

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