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IMAGO Weekend Roundup. As cities and communities gathered together for Pride events across the world, Derek Chauvin received his sentencing, Police arrested a senior Hong Kong journalist from Apple Daily and the Delta variant led to countries enforcing tougher restrictions.





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Over the last weekend of Pride Month, Pride events took place in cities across the globe including; Mexico City, New York, Warsaw, London, Rome and Berlin. With many other major cities holding events, parades and protests in the name of the LGBTQI+ communities this year erupted as thousands of people marched and danced in the streets in support of equality, celebration of expression and diversity acceptance. Cities including London also held rallies specifically for Trans Rights as news broke on Friday of New York and Buenos Aires passing into legislation new bills in support of equal rights for Trans-people. 

The 4th annual Dyke march was held along 42nd street and 5th Avenue in New York city as well as a march also taking place in Berlin. New York City saw almost 3,000 people take to the streets in celebration of diverse Dyke lives, marching with banners until a party erupted in Washington Square Park. The march is a demonstration of First Amendment right to protest and always takes place without permits or sponsors.

Ex-police officer Derek Chauvin received his sentencing in Minneapolis as the local community gathered again in hope he would receive the maximum jail sentence. Derek Chauvin received 22.5 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd. Prosecutors had sought 30 years in prison. His defense sought for probation. His further two charges of 2nd Degree Manslaughter and 3rd Degree Murder remain not adjudicated. 

Hong Kong police arrested a senior journalist from the Apple daily at the airport as he tried to escape the country. Arrested on Sunday night, Fung Wai-kong, it is believed the figure from the pro-democracy newspaper that is no longer in publishing, was trying to flee Hong Kong for the UK when he was stopped by police officials. He is the seventh senior journalist from the publication to be arrested in two weeks sending shockwaves throughout Hong Kong. Protesters were seen at Piccadilly Circus, London, holding up mock-ups of the newspaper.

Other news stories from the weekend include; the French Election race is well underway with some voters taking to their polling stations. Le Penn’s far-right party have suffered a blow in regional elections so far. In China, soldiers were deployed for parade rehearsals of the 100th anniversary of the founding of China’s Communist Party being held in Beijing on Sunday. Former President Donald Trump spoke during his first Save America Rally held Saturday. 152 people remain unaccounted for after the Miami Condo building collapsed as the death toll rose to nine on Sunday. Officials say that there is still hope in finding survivors in the rubble as firefighters managed to tackle a fire that had been raging within the ruins. Local community and family members were seen laying flowers, lighting candles and praying for those missing. 

In sport, the Last 16 of the Euro’s was underway with Denmark, Italy, Czech republic and Belgium through to the Quarter Finals. The No. 8 seed, Gian Marco Moroni lifted his first trophy at the ATP Challenger Tour after defeating the tournament’s top favorite, Federico Coria of Argentina. 

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