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IMAGO Weekend Roundup. As the world watched on last week as cross-border fighting intensified between Israel and military groups in Gaza, this weekend saw the world erupt into protest.





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From here in Berlin to cities across Europe including Amsterdam and London to Montreal and across the globe, protests broke out in cities as the cross-border fighting continues between Israel and Palestine. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets this weekend to show solidarity and support, for both sides, as marches, flares, placards, and chanting filled capital cities. With fresh airstrikes breaking out on Sunday and Monday morning, the conflict looks set to continue as attacks intensify, as the latest reports suggest 42 people died on Sunday in the deadliest single attack yet. 

India brace for a predicted third COVID wave as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath addressed the media to make the announcement. The state government said they have a prepared action plan whereby every district is to set up dedicated hospitals for women and children. Talking to the nation, he stated the government was able to beat the first wave, flatten the curve of the second and are fully equipped for a third as the recently devastated country still appears to be in the midst of the crisis seen in recent weeks. 

Taiwan, a country widely considered to have one of the best pandemic responses is now racing to contain the virus. This weekend the country announced a national lock down as citizens began panic buying after they reported 206 cases on Sunday, up from a record high for the country of 180 the previous day. Authorities have bought in the strictest measures yet in a bid to contain the outbreak. 

In sport, the women’s Barcelona team celebrated as they lifted the trophy, winning the UEFA Women’s Champions League football match against Chelsea. Barcelona made history this weekend with both the women’s and the men’s team winning the Champions League, the first club to do so. Their 4-0 defeat is also the biggest margin of victory in a final since the UWCL era began in 2009/2010.

Liverpool held on to their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League this weekend after winning against West Bromwich. In remarkable circumstances, their second and winning goal came as goalkeeper, Alisson, scored in the 95th-minute. Dedicating the victory and first goal of his senior career to his late father, the Brazilian player commented, “God put his hand on my head today.”

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