Diasporas and Dichotomy – How movements create contrasts.

Diasporas and Dichotomy – How movements create contrasts.

This month we are examining contrasts. Dichotomies and diasporas within culture and societies and their evolution over decades through impactful movements.

Share in the contrasts that curated history and impacted for greater change.

Whether through diasporas and migrations or sociopolitical movements, our world is constantly evolving and contradicting itself. This month we examine the varying dichotomies within societies. Through diverging visuals, variance throughout eras and distinction in cultures living in tandem with one another – we will cover topics ranging from political to photographic.

From Berlin to Ukraine, Hong Kong, Washington DC and more, discover stories from IMAGO’s archives. Decades shoulder-to-shoulder with today’s emerging photographers who are shedding light on the growths within our social structures and cultural trends – their constant clashing nature, their alliances and similarities all with equal importance.

Stay tuned this July for all our Diasporas and Dichotomy Series.