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World Photography Day: IMAGO Voices

For World Photography Day, we have pulled some inspiring words and photos highlighting IMAGO’s photographers and their stories.

To be a photographer means to see the world a little differently – to observe, analyse and re-imagine. To push for a result that may impact one person, or an entire movement. Photography is therefore as nuanced as it is ubiquitous, playing a unique role both in media and in art.

In celebrating World Photography Day, we are highlighting some exclusive photos from IMAGO’s very own photographers who we’ve interviewed on The Game. We also take a look back at some of the lessons they have taught us, reminding us why we love photography, and capturing the essence of what it means to be a photographer today.

“Photographers are, in my opinion, the last witnesses of this constantly changing world…And to bring back an image, we have to be on the ground.” – Marie le Blé.

imago images/ZUMA Wire World Photography Day, IMAGO
IMAGO / Zuma Wire / Marie le Ble | Black Lives Matter Protest in New York City. 30 May, 2020.

“I want to have my pictures in the same kind of proximity to my family album. I want to look at these people and I want to feel later on that in my memory, I built some kind of connection with them.” – André Luís Alves.

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IMAGO / GlobalImagens / Luis Alves | Reporting in Lviv, Ukraine. Olena Znak preparing camouflage nets. 1 March, 2022.

“As a photographer I have learnt to read situations, especially those where any provocation will end up in dangerous clashes…I have experienced love, fear, rage and importance.” – Camilo Erasso.

imago images/ZUMA Wire
IMAGO / Zuma Wire / Camila Erasso | Anti-government protests in Pasto, Colombia. 28 May, 2021.

“I always analyze how my work could have been better, what perspective could have had a better advantage, how can I find a new style that no one saw and found before? Once I find what I have been looking for, the next challenge comes. These quests will never end.”- Achille Abboud.

imago images/Achille Abboud
IMAGO / Achille Abboud | Reportage in Doha, Qatar. 2 September, 2021.

“I think [my photos] tell the story of what I experienced, and that is all I can hope for. I am pretty clear about that with my work in general. It’s my eyes. There will always be things we miss. We can’t be everywhere, of course.” – Thomas Hengge.

imago images/Thomas Hengge
IMAGO / Thomas Hennge | United States Capitol riots in Washington DC. 6 January, 2021.

My photos are the voice of the silent community…That’s why when I hold the camera, I look for a moment that maybe I can change or be effective in.” – Maryam Majd.

IMAGO, World Photography Day imago images/Maryam Majd
IMAGO / Maryam Majd | A girl takes a photo after an earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border. 17 November, 2017.

“I like to capture moments and people, and being able to capture what could be an historic moment for me is the most important achievement.” – Chepa Beltran.

imago images/ZUMA Wire
IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / Chepa Beltran | International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Bogota, Colombia. 25 November, 2021.

“It’s a bit like driving a car. It is so in the flesh and blood…To photograph means for me to live in a free way, to meet people, to be open and to develop myself.” – Mika Volkmann.

imago images/Mika Volkmann
IMAGO / Mika Volkmann | Oldest resident of the housing estate in Cologne, Chorweiler. 28 May, 2021.

“I hope to be able to contribute to the documentary, memory and history of my country.” – Claudio Abarca Sandoval.

IMAGO/Claudio Abarca Sandoval
IMAGO / Claudio Abarca Sandoval | Student demonstration in Santiago de Chile. 28 April, 2022.

“It’s hard to strike that balance between needing to capture something, needing it to be published so people understand what’s happening, and skewing it in favor of sensationalists.” – Allison Bailey.

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Allison Bailey | Pro-choice protest in Washington DC on abortion rights. 9 July, 2022.

“As a citizen I have my ideology, my beliefs and my preferences, but as a journalist I have to keep a commitment to the facts. Although the ‘message’ transmitted always has a personal ideological charge, it is the journalist’s job to document the facts…” – Chico Ferreira.

imago images/Penta Press
IMAGO / Penta Press / Chico Ferreira | NGO Rio de Paz raising awareness of Covid-19 as Brazil reached 300,000 deaths. Rio de Janeiro. 24 March, 2021.

“To abstract through image details and to work out new contexts is the goal of my photography.” – Rolf Pollak.IMAGO/Ralf Pollack

IMAGO / Ralf Pollak | Berlin. 5 August, 2022.

“After the fall of the Berlin Wall, I made the leap into photojournalism…Of course, years of upheaval are exciting and a very lively time for photographers.” – Rolf Zöllner.

imago images/Rolf Zöllner
IMAGO / Rolf Zöllner | Demolishing of the Berlin Wall. 11 November, 1990.

“My heart and soul is still fully in my work…When the game was decided and the World Cup title was won, it was clear to me that I was experiencing and photographing something historic.” – Sven Simon. 

imago/Sven Simon
IMAGO / Sven Simon | Germany’s national team celebrate after winning the 2014 World Cup.

A special feature for World Photography Day, celebrated on August 19, 2022. All photos by IMAGO.

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