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35 years since Chernobyl.

Marking 35 years since the Chernobyl disaster, architecture photographer Catalin Marin takes us to the isolated buildings that once saw life. Now abandoned scenes, the juxtaposition of haunting and beautiful comes full circle in his series commemorating the historic event.

IMAGO / Ray van Zeschau

“Art can make you think, in the best case even change lives.” – Ray van Zeschau.

With an artistic career spanning photography, film and music, Ray van Zeschau has carved out a space in the art world for his voice and expression. From organizing the first illegal film festival in 1986, held in his apartment, to taking on photojournalism and writing for editorial magazines, learn about his inspiring story and browse the stunning images from over the years.

IMAGO / Silke Heyer

“Images that leave enough room for the viewer to interpret something into the image. Pictures that invite you to linger.” Silke Heyer: an Interview.

Established photographer, Silke Heyer talks to IMAGO about her journey into photography and her life that has evolved around it ever since. From developing films in the bathroom of her shared apartment, to marrying her two passions music and photography to how her hearing loss elevated her devotion to photography. Read her story in full with us here.