Local Heroes.

Local Heroes.

Our Local Heroes series celebrates photojournalists around the world and the important stories their work brings to light.

On the ground, exposing what the world often ignores – photojournalists are this month’s Local Heroes. Uncovering overlooked issues from war, refugees and indigenous groups to climate change, politics and more. Discover our firsthand accounts and reportages from around the world.

In light of our sponsorship at the UK Picture Editor Awards this month, we celebrate those who strengthen their communities, who put themselves first and who venture into the hidden pockets to tell the neglected or the untold stories.

In our Local Heroes series, discover articles such as Ton Molina’s reportage on Brazil’s indigenous groups fighting for their right to exist, guest writer Fatemeh Roshan’s personal accounts from Iran’s women who have brought thousands to the streets in light of Mahsa Amini’s murder, Ukrainian photographers from our partners whose voices speak for those who cannot, and more brave photojournalists who are making waves from big cities to small communities.

Stay tuned this October for articles from our Local Heroes Series.