ZINE // Formula 1: The Archives.

ZINE // Formula 1: The Archives.

Zine // Formula 1: The Archives, IMAGO looks behind the scenes of F1 photography, and dives deep into its nostalgic archives with a peak into the future of motorsport.

“World records, fatal crashes, socialites, rowdy fans, eager photographers and a lot of champagne.” Launching our Issue #4, IMAGO Zine F1. Discover archive photography dating back decades alongside fresh graphics in this issue. Delving into the lives of the icons that embodied the sports culture, Formula 1: The Archives dissects the dichotomies, presents the parallels and underlines the greatest moments of change both past and present making up the motorsport world. With Formula 1 having never been just about motorsport — the brutal competition, popularity, glamorous subculture and a craving for speed mixed with criticism and fierce danger has granted F 1 its enchantment, with photographers baring witness.

In this Issue:

  • Editorial from our writers featuring archives, sports and editorial
  • “Archive Stories” curated photo collections telling the stories of the sports icons
  • Interview with long-standing Motorsport photographers, HochZwei
  • Conversations with industry game-changer, Driven by Diversity

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ZINE // Formula 1: The Archives.
Front Cover Image: IMAGO / Motorsport Images / Rainer Schlegelmilch

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