IMAGO Weekend Roundup. As the last weekend of August comes to an end, the US approaches their final withdrawal deadline in Afghanistan.


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Less than 48 hours before the United States are due to complete their troop withdrawal and refugee evacuation, chaos, sadness and terror continues in Kabul. Reports from eyewitnesses on Monday morning have said rockets were launched from a car and aimed at the airport. One of the neighborhoods adjacent to the airport has been hit. 

This attack follows the deaths of US troops last week, and a US drone strike that blew up a vehicle carrying “multiple suicide bombers” on Sunday before they could attack the ongoing military evacuation at Kabul’s airport. This latest attack has raised further concerns and mounting fears as President Biden issued a statement in which he said another attack is to be expected in the next 24 to 48 hours. Thousands of civilians remain at the airport as families desperately scramble for a space on foreign evacuation flights in the closing hours and days. Scenes of children being cradled by soldiers have began to emerge alongside children being greeted by border force, airport staff and foreign aid workers as flights land in the west.

As the last of the British military returned to the UK on Sunday, emergency responders at airports across the country have described the “shocking” and “chaotic” environment as thousands of vulnerable people waited to be processed and transported to hotels for quarantine.

Wildfires in California continue to rage as firefighters work tirelessly. The Caldor fire has grown to over 130,000 acres and threatens to grow to the Tahoe basin with its cause still unknown at this time. Elsewhere in the States, Hurricane Ida has hit Louisiana early Monday morning as New Orleans loses power.

In sport, as day 6 of the Paralympics in Tokyo kicks off today, shooting begins and athletics and swimming get well underway. Swedish sprinter, Salum Ageze Kashafali clocked his fastest time, breaking the world record and winning gold in the men’s T12 100 meters. A refugee and former footballer, Kashafali’s win is one that reflects the athlete’s inspiring journey off the track. Shooter Avani Lekhara, this morning, became the first Indian women to ever win gold at the Paralympics. The 19 year old from Jaipur who sustained spinal cord injuries in a car accident in 2012 finished with a world record and a new Paralympic record.

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