IMAGO Weekend Roundup. With the German elections ending in near headlock - the SPD leads by a narrow margin to become Merkel successors.


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This mornings’ preliminary polls suggest that the Social Democrats are taking short lead over the CDU party. Germany is now set for weeks or even months of coalition talks in the bid to succeed Angela Merkel’s 16 years as chancellor. The center-left party, led by Olaf Scholz hold the largest share of the vote at 25.7% and he has previously said that they would seek to form a coalition with the Greens and the FDP. Aligning broadly on environmental policies, raising taxes for the rich and social spending the so-called “traffic light” coalition looks likely to happen. This year’s election also has seen The Green Party winning its best result in a national poll at 14.8% in a show of a shift in policies, interests and politics across Germany. 

In the lead up to the COP26 summit taking place in Glasgow, Friday for Future rallies along with many other climate crisis protests were held this weekend in full force. Billed as one of the last remaining chances to save our world from climate change, experts have said that it will not meet the breakthrough needed to fulfill the Paris agreement. Citizens from cities across the world including Glasgow, Berlin and Warsaw took to their streets to raise awareness and strike during the Friday for Future protests. Kicking off with Greta Thunberg addressing the crowds in Berlin, marching alongside thousands of supporters, they rallied outside the Bundestag demanding stronger climate action from the government ahead of Sunday’s election. 

A vigil was held in remembrance of Sabina Nessa, a school teacher killed in a London park last weekend on her way to a pub 5 minutes from her house. As hundreds gathered in London, her heartbroken sister made a moving speech to the candle lit crowds. In solidarity against violence against women, “Reclaim the Streets” posters were held in a movement to protect women on the streets of London and further. 

A surge in Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico Borders. Widely shared scenes emerged of US Border Patrol violently gathering Haitian migrants at US-Mexico borders last week. Using reins against Haitian migrants and pushing them back towards the Rio Grande river, thousands of Haitian families continue to travel for refuge. The conservative immigration policies reflect the pressure applied by the US to keep migrants away from US soil despite desperate civilians leaving their homes and making the dangerous journey. Children have been seen on the shoulders of parents as they beg Border Patrol for entry.

In sport, Emma Raducanu has been announced as the new, fresh face for Tiffany jewelers. Wearing the brand throughout the recent US Open, Raducanu will now be a key ambassador for the brand, alongside Beyonce and Jay Z.

Team USA raised The Ryder Cup this weekend as they took victory after dominating the final day. Leaving Europe’s Rory McIlroy emotional, the American team led by 11-5 down heading into the singles.


In the Russian GP, Lewis Hamilton was back on top after his 100th win. Winning his 100th Formula One race, he became the first driver to ever have been so often at the top of the leaderboard, speaking of his personal victory as a “magical moment”. 

And in the Premier League, Harry Kane tripped during his match against Arsenal. Despite tanking it on the pitch with the final score at 3-1 to Arsenal, the Tottenham Hotspur player will undoubtedly rise again from the disappointment after controversy surrounding his new contract with the club.

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