Waves of change

Waves of Change

Our monthly series, Waves of Change, gives insight into worldwide changes through narrating the stories by our photographers.

Changes have always been a part of human life. Whether in their community, on the planet, in their livelihoods, or even in themselves and their bodies. Some might occur gradually, like a calm sea wave, and some suddenly, like a tidal wave during a storm. Knowing is all that matters. If we learn that changes are constant, it doesn’t matter how fast they occur. When you know there is no exception, you get ready to face it.  Changes are happening, even now, while you are looking at your screen. 

The Waves of Change series sheds light on a wide range of current topics from our photographers’ first-hand accounts. From the evolution of sports photography over time, to the challenges of recording the planet in the face of climate change, the impact of visual storytelling on our understanding of conflicts, and personal transformations.

In this issue, we use our photographers’ eyes to observe the world and document its transformation. The waves are here. Do you want a ride?

https://the-game.imago-images.com/wp-content/uploads/Compressed_Waves-of-Changes-Intro-Video-2.mp4 Stay tuned this February  for stories from our Waves of Change Series.