Russian Invasion of Ukraine: A Visual Timeline

In a visual timeline, major events from the first year after Russia invaded Ukraine are reviewed by IMAGO.

It’s been almost a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia’s aggression began on February 24 and had already cost hundreds of lives, injured many more, forced many to leave their homes, and destroyed many cities.  IMAGO compiled a visual timeline from the outbreak of conflict in February 2022 until the following year, in February 2023.

February 2022: The Invasion Starts 

imago images/ZUMA Wire
IMAGO / ZUMA Wire꘡Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his address to the nation on Thursday. Febryary 24, 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine.

March 2022: The battles in Bucha, Kherson and Mariupol  

IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / Carol Guzy꘡While displaced individuals escaping the incredibly brutal conditions of the Russian invasion of Mariupol wait at a transit aid station, Artur and Natalia from Sartana, Donetsk area, along with their children Sasha, Vova, and Katya in the car. March 28, 2022, Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

April 2022: War in a New Stage

IMAGO / NurPhoto / A Ukrainian soldier inspects the damage caused by shrapnel in a wall of a village close to the frontline of Mykolaiv following the Russian fire in the evening. April 19, 2022, Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

May 2022: Sweden and Finland Ask to Join Nato

IMAGO / Bildbyran / Frida Drake꘡Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde presents the formal application letter Sweden submitted to join NATO. May 17, 2022, Stockholm.

June 2022: 100 Days Since the War Began

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Celestino Arce ꘡A Ukrainian soldier walks inside a destroyed barn by russian shelling near the frontline. Jun 12, 2022, Zaporizhzhia province, Ukraine.

July 2022: The Battle Continues in the East

IMAGO / ZUMA Wire꘡A soldier informs Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the military situation in the Dnipropetrovsk area. July 8, 2022, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine.

August 2022: Fighting Must Move Away From Nuclear Reactors

IMAGO / TopFoto꘡Munich Air Crash. February 7, 1958, Germany.

September 2022: Pushing the Russians Back 

IMAGO / Laci Perenyi꘡Diego Armando Maradona last match for Argentina FIFA World Cup 1994 in USA preliminary round match Argentina_Nigeria. June 25, 1994, Boston, USA.

October 2022: Russia-Crimea Bridge Explosion on Putin’s Birthday

IMAGO / UPI Photo / As a truck exploded, a fire broke out on the Kerch bridge connecting Russia and Crimea, spewing black smoke into the air. October 8, 2022, Kerch.

November 2022: The Liberation of Kherson

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Celestino Arce Lavin ꘡A hospital employee in Zaporizhia region’s Vilniansk displays a baby pacifier and pieces of a Russian missile that struck the structure during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The attack resulted in the death of one child. November 26, 2022, Vilniansk, Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

December 2022: The First Christmas in War

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Artur Widak ꘡At Kherson station, a small child looks out the window of an evacuation train traveling from Kherson to Khmelnytskyi. December 18, 2022.

January 2023: The New Year begins with attacks on Ukrainian cities

IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / AleksandrxGusev ꘡View of the destroyed sports complex after a missile attack by Russia in Kyiv. Rocket attacks by Russia. January 1, 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine.

February 2023: 1 Year After the Invasion Began

IMAGO / WEREK꘡Johan Cruyff in FC Barcelona. September 5, 1974, Barcelona, Spain.

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