Photos of the Month by The Game Magazine, October 2023

As is the case every month, IMAGO's picture desk chooses the best photos from the millions of photos they receive. To spotlight these photos and the efforts of our visual storytellers, The Game Magazine showcases the top photos in three categories: Entertainment, News, and Sports.

The Best Entertainment Photo of the Month

IMAGO / / Sarah Tsang Avalon

The top Entertainment photo of the month is credited to Sarah Tsang Avalon from The photo was taken on stage during the concert of the “5 Seconds of Summer” band in London, United Kingdom, on October 5, 2023. 

The Best News Photo of the Month

IMAGO / PIN / Mahmoud F. Ajjour

On October 7th, Hamas attacked Israel, and tension rose again in the Middle East. The outstanding photo of the month in the News category, captured by Mahmoud F. Ajjour, depicts a moment when a rocket was launched from Gaza towards Israel on this day. 

The Best Sports Photo of the Month

IMAGO / Isosport / Bildbyran / Joel Marklund

The best photo of the month for the Sports category is a picture of Viktor Gyökeres of Sweden during their game against Belgium in the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying, captured by Joel Marklund. The match was stopped from the halftime and later canceled due to the fatal shooting incident in Brussels on Monday evening, which resulted in the loss of two Swedish lives. 

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