Photo of the Month by The Game, May 2023

In recognition of the outstanding work of our photographers, The Game is delighted to introduce a new series that highlights the best images captured each month. Our editors carefully select the most remarkable photos, encompassing both sports and non-sports subjects.

For our inaugural edition, we are proud to showcase the exceptional photographs of Thomas Schreyer and Emrah Oprukcu as the top images for May 2023.

The Best Sports Photo of the Month

IMAGO / Schreyer | Margarita Kolosov, GER, during qualification at 2023 European Rhythmic Gymnastics championships. 17 May 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Thomas Schreyer, IMAGO’s photographer, presents a photo chosen as the highlight of May 2023. Taken on May 17th at the 2023 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in Baku, Schreyer’s lens expertly captures a momentous scene during Margarita Kolosov’s performance. 

The Best Editorial Photo of the Month

IMAGO/ NurPhoto/ Emrah Oprukcu | Demonstration on May Day for Labour Day. 1 May 2023, Lyon, France.

Amidst the chaos of a demonstration, a poignant moment unfolds as two lovers embrace, their faces adorned with serene smiles despite the looming presence of a water cannon. This captivating contrast is expertly captured in a remarkable photo by Emrah Oprukcu, an esteemed photographer from NurPhoto, during the International Labour Day in Lyon, France, on May 1st.