Photos of the Month by The Game, June 2023

The Game showcases the best monthly photographs taken in honor of our photographers' hard work and commitment. Our editors hand-picked the best images in June 2023 from sports, news, and entertainment.

For the June edition, we are proud to showcase the exceptional photographs of Simon Eliasson in sports, Varuth Pongsapipatt in news and Matt Crossick Empics for entertainment. 

The Best Entertainment Photo of the Month

IMAGO / PA Images / Matt Crossick Empics | The crowd watch Elton John performing on the Pyramid Stage, at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset. 25 June 2023, UK.

A vibrant dance of tiny paper fragments mixes with hands waving energetically in the air. This amalgamation of colour and motion forms a lively crowd surrounding the stage where Elton John performs on the Pyramid Stage. Photographer Matt Crossick Empics has expertly captured this vibrant scene at the Glastonbury Festival, which is the best entertainment photo of June.

The Best News Photo of the Month

IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / Varuth Pongsapipatt | A LGBTQs activist seen posing for pictures during the pride parade. 10 June 2023, Pattaya, Thailand.

“I AM NOT SIN,” captured by Varuth Pongsapipatt, is the best photo of the month for in the news theme in June. The photograph was captured in Pattaya, Thailand, from LGBTQ+ activists in the pride parade.

The Best Sports Photo of the Month

IMAGO / Bildbyran / Simon Eliasson | Participants at the start of the swimming part of the triathlon during day 3 of the SM week. June 29, 2023, Umea, Sweden.

Simon Eliasson has captured the best photo of the month in sports from swimmers during the SM week in Umea.

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