IMAGO Weekend Roundup. As July 4 celebrations were underway state side, political protests raged, PRIDE rallies erupted, countries battled environmental impact and sporting teams battled it out for Olympic Qualification.


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Bogota celebrated PRIDE this weekend with a vibrant and politically charged parade and protest through the streets of the Colombian capital. Coinciding with several petitions demanding attention from the local government and the right to life for the LGBTIQ + community within their nation, protesters and partiers gathered to showcase their freedom of expression. In a show of solidarity, PRIDE parades met with Trans Rights rallies and communities in this year’s event, both of whom were met with Anti-pride capitalization movements who performed a dance during the celebrations and protests. 

Thousands in Brazil joined this weekend’s anti-Bolsonaro protests in Rio. Protesting against President Jair Bolsonaro, who faces an investigation over an allegedly corrupt Covid vaccine deal, citizens of Rio and other major cities from around the country gathered with banners and megaphones on the third day of demonstrations. Confronting mounting pressure from a parliamentary inquiry into the government’s handling of the coronavirus that has claimed more than 500,000 lives in the country.

The Friday’s for Future movement gained some traction this weekend as rallies were held in Berlin and Stockholm this Friday. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunburg alongside other protesters held a demonstration outside the Swedish parliament building during their school strike. Armed with posters, signs and chanting, they protested for climate reformation whilst Berliners held a dance demonstration for climate justice at Berlin’s Tempelhof Feld.

Further afield, the Japanese city of Atami suffered a devastating landslide which occurred after days of torrential rain in the city famous for the hot springs resort about 90km south-west of Tokyo. The number of casualties has risen since the Friday catastrophe and the number of missing residents has climbed to more than 100. A heavy monsoon wreaked havoc in Bangladesh capital Dhaka on Friday with water-logged roads and people trapped in homes in many low-lying areas and Havana residence along with Florida citizen’s brace for the incoming Storm Elsa. 

In sport, Andy Murray sadly is out of this year’s Wimbledon. The Scottish player made a heroic comeback from injury this season but was defeated this weekend by the young Canadian, Denis Shapovalov. Questions shroud his performance on whether he will retire from the game entirely. In the women’s singles, teenager and wild card entry, Emma Raducanu delighted and surprised the tournament in the first week. Playing on the No.1 Court to win against the 5-th ranked Sorana Cirsta, the British player is one of the young women changing the face of the game. 

Defeating their Brazilian opponents, the German basketball team has secured their ticket to the Tokyo Games this season. In what will be the first time Germany have appeared in the basketball tournament in 13 years, the team played with poise to take the win from the Brazilian favourites.

And in the Euro’s, we enter the final week of the tournament with the final played on Sunday. With England and Italy winning over the weekend, the semi finals will begin tomorrow with Spain v Italy in a bid to the final. 

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