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IMAGO Weekend Roundup: Easter Edition. As many enjoyed the long weekend to celebrate Easter with family and friends, take a look at some of the photographic highlights we received from our partners from around the world. Take a peek into the events, lives and celebrations from all corners of the globe.

Curated by our Picture Desk, we catch you up on the news and stories from across the globe. From uncovering stunning creative images, diving deep into the major news stories to the moments to remember from the sporting world, Easter edition.

Kill the Bill protests took place in the UK against the Police. On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in the streets of the capital and other cities, including Brighton, demonstrating their opposition to the new legal bill that will see the police given more power. Crowds marched and chanted in protest to maintain their right to protest and their right to stand up and be heard by larger governing bodies.

In a move that will arguably allow police to determine whether a protest is legal or not, the controversial bill has come to light after protests against the police were sparked after law enforcement dispersed crowds at the vigil of murdered Sarah Everard with force.

Pope Francis celebrated Good Friday Mass for the Passion of the Lord at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, during and in spite of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic as church ceremonies were held a little different around the world, some conducted online and others in streets and outdoor spaces.

Protesters kept a 24 hour presence in front of the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis during the murder trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin.

On trial for the murder of George Floyd in 2020, protestors have not left the space in Government Plaza since the beginning of the trial on Monday with some chaining themselves to the fences, showcasing locks and artworks in memory of the lives lost at the hands of police and as part of the world wide Black Lives Matter movement.

With Bangladesh set to go into lockdown for a week starting from Monday, marketplaces were teeming with crowds not following COVID social distancing in order to buy provisions including masks to keep as safe as possible in the coming weeks.

In sport’ easter edition, the Tokyo Olympic torch relay began as a decorated boat used for a traditional festival dating back to Japan’s Edo period carried the Tokyo Olympic torch along a canal in Handa in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan.

Hertha Berlin rescued a 1-1 draw at local rivals Union in the Berlin derby on Sunday but remain unsteady in the battle to avoid relegation with seven games list the Bundesliga season.

And in motorport, the new Extreme E is the sustainable racing series aiming to showcase the performance of electric cars. With events in countries affected by climate change, the first event title the Desert X Prix, took place this weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Take a look at this Weekend’s Roundup: Easter Edition.

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